NCLEX – Tips for De-stressing – or how to take a break without feeling guilty


It is important to do this during your study time before the test (and not just on the day you take the test). We’ll talk about some ways you can destress on that day next time when we talk about the week before the test. Here are some ways to help you destress before the big day.

  1. Plan breaks when you study. It is impossible to study 10 or 12 hours a day and remember everything you study. Break it down into two or three hour segments.
  2. Do something fun every day that you really like to do. This could be watching a movie, going out with friends, playing with your kids… just something to take you away from studying for a few hours. DO This EVERY day.
  3. Take at least one day off each week and do not study on that day.
  4. To help prepare yourself for the actual NCLEX, try to add some stress when you’re doing your practice questions. You can set a time limit, add distracting background noise or something similar.
  5. You’re are preparing for the test so that you will not be stressed on the day of the test. Remind yourself of this if you start to lack some motivation.
  6. By now you have figured out how you study best. Focus on those but for some spice, study a different way for an hour or so each day. Example if you read and review notes / flashcards. Review your content by watching videos or listening to podcasts. Again, you can do this for an hour just to mix things up.

What do you do to relieve stress – let us know in the comments.

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