NCLEX Medications an Overview

NCLEX Medications Review (part 1)

NCLEX Medications Review

We’re going to start a new topic for the next few weeks. Drugs are an important component of the NCLEX. We’ve talked before about how the NCLEX tests you with concepts. So you won’t simply have a question about what the side effects for a drub may be, but it would be a question similar to this.

Your patient is ordered to have xx amount of IV drug BID. It would then give the amount of drug that you could mix. Tell you what the IV is infusing at and then ask what you should do. What kind of side effects the patient may be experiencing etc.

The first thing you need to know of course is the drugs. The only way to do that unfortunately is to memorize them, or at least ‘know’ them.

Todays post is about getting you some overall help – then we’ll dive deep over the next few weeks and deep dive into each of the major categories of drugs.

Here is a great flash card set, if you use flash cards to study.

If you use pinterest –[]=nclex%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=drugs%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=pharmacology%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=mnemonics%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined

An overall review –

Here is a great list of most drugs you’ll need to know. Click the individual links on this site to get more information (video etc) about each drug.

A great overview –

Next week we’ll begin our look at each drug category.

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