NCLEX Content Areas – what to review

NCLEX Content Review

NCLEX Content Review

If you failed the NCLEX you’ll get a section in your report labeled Content Areas.

These content areas also let you know if you’re below, near, or above the passing standard.

We’ll review each of these in the weeks ahead but for now here is a list of each of the content areas.

Management of Care 17 – 23
Safety and Infection Control 9 -15
Health Promotion and Maintenance 6 -12
Psychosocial integrity. 6 -12
Basic care and comfort 6 – 12
Pharmacological and parenteral therapy 12 – 18
Reduction of Risk Potential 9 – 15
Physiological Adaptation. 11 – 17

You’ll notice too that it gives how many of those questions will be on the test.

Let’s pretent you take a 100 question test. The numbers at the end of each of the topics above are the least number of questions and the most.

Don’t get too focused on the numbers but the one fact is that Management of Care will be most of your questions on the NCLEX.

I mentioned before that we’ll be deep diving into each section of the test. For now make a note of which of the categories you had were below the standard, near and above. Remember as part of our boot camp we’ll make a customized study plan for you based on how you did on the last test.

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