Getting ready for your NCLEX part 4 – Content Review

NCLEX Content Review

NCLEX Content Review

Each chapter of Saunders is broken up into topics. Normally there are 10 or so pages that highlight specific areas of the subject and then some review questions at the end of the chapter. If you’re in a hurry, answer the review questions. As you answering those questions is the topic familiar to you, if not or if you missed more than two questions then you’ll want to review the content.

ALWAYS review the rationale for the questions. Figuring out why you missed it is important. Did you miss it because you didn’t understand the question or didn’t really know the content? You can know the content, but if you have difficulty answering NCLEX style questions then you’ll need to work on that. We’ll talk more about question types next time.

If you have time, read the chapter. Pull out your notes you took about the topic while you were in nursing school (flashcards too), then do the questions. If you need more work, make a note to review it more later.

As you work through the content make sure you have memorized all of the lab values and other things Acid / Base, that you’ll need to know. Review those every day.

Here is a great pdf –

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