Changes to the Website

We’ve been working a bit on our site, to hopefully make it easier to navigate, read, etc. It’s the reason we haven’t been posting new articles as much this week. I hope to have all the graphic things wrapped up by tomorrow or the next day, then we have the newsletter on Thursday, you can check out the last issue here.

If it’s something that you may be interested in reading then we encourage you to subscribe. You automatically get access to the first week of our course, but you don’t have to even look at it, to enjoy our twice monthly musings. You could also check it out on our blog, and we normally post a link to it on our Facebook page.

I’ve also been thinking about a contest. If we did run a contest, what would you like the prize(s) to be. I was thinking an Amazon gift card, but you can let me know if you would like something different, you can just put your comments below.

Have a great day!

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