Cardiovascular Meds, Study Aids and Questions

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular Meds

We’re changing up the med section a little. We’ve found some good overviews, below those are a list of individual drug categories.

Overview –

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Thrombolytic Medications

Antiplatelet Medications

Positive inotropic and cardiotonic medications

Cardiac Glycosides

Antihypertensive Medications


Beta Adrenergic Blockers

Adrenergic Blockers

Ace inhibitors and ARBS


Calcium channel blockers

Peripheral vasodilators

Other Vasodilators

Antidysrhythmic Meds

Adrenergic Agonists

Antilipemic Meds


Cardiac Questions –

A series of questions –


Cardiac Flashcards –


Cardiac Pinterest –

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