Basic Care and Comfort 3 Mobility/Immobility and Assistive Devices


The mobility / immobility section includes quite a bit of different items that you need to know about. Here is a good overview –

Here is a good slide show –

— Complications of Immobility

Here is a good list of complications with immobility –

— Assessing Mobility

Here is a good bedside mobility assessment tool –

— Skin assessment

Chapter 46 in Saunders is dedicated to the skin.

A large pdf (42 pages) that deals with skin assessment.

— traction (using it)

Saunders page 941-942

This page has a great section about traction –

Search for Medical–Surgical Nursing: Traction

— correct body alignment / positioning

Some good body alignment for nurses –

And a great resource for positioning patients for all types of procedures.

Saunders has a chapter dedicated to positioning (Chapter 19 – page 230)

— traction devices (see above)

— Promoting circulation (see section on skin integrity)

Assistive Devices

An overview –

Pay close attention to –

— assessing problems with communication

— manage the client using assistive devices

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