An NCLEX Success Story

I passed the NCLEX

I passed the NCLEX

I love tutoring students that are preparing for the NCLEX. That might seem like a no brainer, but it is true. I love helping you figure out what you need to study and figuring out how to do that using the limited amount of time or resources that you have. I especially enjoy tutoring people who might have failed the test previously. A month or so a student emailed me and asked did I tutor for the LPN NCLEX. I didn’t but I did some research and there really isn’t too much difference between the LPN and RN NCLEX tests. It covers basically the same amount of content, the only difference really is the responsibilities the RN has vs the LPN.

I agreed to tutor her, letting her know that I needed to do some research. This lady has inspired me. She has six kids and works a full time job besides studying for the test. We tutored her for four weeks, normally the times were in the early am. Four or five am till six or seven. She knew the content for the test, and based on the results from her previous test, she had almost passed it. It is so important not to get psyched out. I encouraged her and gave her a list of things to work on, mainly answering practice questions till she could do the questions faster. The previous test she had taken the whole length of time (five hours) before the computer had shut off. As she progressed she could answer more questions, quicker, which was the goal all of the time.

She took the test yesterday. We had a session on Saturday when we covered some question things (types and some tips), yesterday I talked with her before the test, again encouraging her, telling her I knew she could do it. She had mentioned on Saturday how important it was for her to pass the test, she had missed so much time with her children… that friends is why I love helping you pass your NCLEX. So you can get the job that you always wanted, that you studied for. She called me after the test in a panic. The test had stopped after only 110 questions, and the test was hard. I laughed and explained again that was all good signs that she had passed her test and I’m sure that when she gets the results, that is what we’ll find out.

Yesterday we also opened a new program designed for nursing students. You can check it out here –

Nursing School NCLEX Prep Course

And remember, you CAN pass the NCLEX!

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