SATA Questions – Tips

We’ve been super busy with new tutor students and members of the boot camp… we like that though. Today we’re going to take a break from the meds and talk about something one of our tutor students had questions about.

How do you answer SATA (Select all that apply) questions.

First let’s talk a little about the NCLEX. When you take the NCLEX your next question is based on how you answer the question you’re on. SATA questions are some of the most difficult questions because you have to know the content pretty well in order to answer it. So the more SATA questions you have on your NCLEX, the better you’re doing.
Here are some tips –

Understand exactly what the question is asking. Here is an example question.

While teaching a patient with scurvy which food items are good sources of Vitamin C, the patient asked you what citrus fruits are recommended. Your teaching to your patient would include (SATA):

The question is asking for two things – items that are high in Vitamin C and Citrus Fruits. If you just saw Vitamin C you would miss… we want Vitamin C and Citrus Fruits. Now the list of answers.


Now we to true and false. We ask ourselves first which of the list are citrus fruits. Are pumpkins a citrus fruit… no. We can remove that from our list. The only citrus fruits in the is are Oranges and Lemons. Now do those have Vitamin C – yes you can answer true for those. So you have your answer.
You can break it down for any SATA question. It is vitally important that you know what the question is asking.

Another suggestion is answer all of the SATA questions that you can. Saunder’s database of questions allows you to create a question mix with just SATA questions. Use it. Next week we should get back to Medications.

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