Notes / Links Acid – Base balance + NCLEX Drugs / Medications

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week – believe it or not, we did make it to Friday. Today we’re going to wrap up the week with some more content on Acid / Base balance.

The first link is to the Merck manual – which is a good resource / place to learn all kinds of things.

Teaching your patient about the disease is important – here is a good resource that explains things so your patient can understand –

Only if you understand it – this pdf goes into the nitty gritty – very technical – of how / why / what exactly is going on. Again only recommended if you need to learn more –

NCLEX Drugs –

A good quizlet that covers the top 30 drugs –

15 Medication questions –

A 65 page study guide – covers many different things –

That’s enough for today, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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