NCLEX what to do on Spring Break

I know that many of you are on Spring Break or getting ready for it. You need time off, time to take it easy. Here are some tips on still studying while you’re having fun.

  1. If you’re going on a long road trip – take some study notes / videos (use your phone), that way you can listen to them for a bit while you’re driving or riding. I did this with some friends – who were also in the nursing program. We listened to CDs – this was before digital music from Ky all the way down to Fl and then all the way back again.
  2. Study your Flashcards for an hour or two every morning, while you’re getting ready to have fun. Don’t put it off till the night, you will be too tired to study then.
  3. Do at least a couple of practice tests during the week, schedule on your calendar the time that you’re going to be doing it.
  4. At least one day have a Jam session (flash cards) with your study buddy(s).
  5. Have fun, stay safe.

Here are some drugs to make sure you know.

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