Content Areas – Health Promotion and Maintenance

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. You are probably coming down from your holiday fun – so today’s post is short and sweet. We’ll be reviewing each of these topics in depth in the weeks ahead.

Our next content area we will be reviewing is Health Promotion and Maintenace. This topic includes review of the following:

Aging Process
Maternity (Ante/Intra/Postpartum)(X)
New born care (X)
Developmental Stages and Transisitions
Health Promotion / Disease Prevention
Developmental Stages and Transitions
Health Screening
High Risk Behaviors
Lifestyle Choices
Techniques of Physical Assessment

A few of those we’ve already covered (X), so we won’t cover those – you can just use the search box to find the information. The others we’ll start covering next week.

A couple of reminders – if you’re studying for the NCLEX – remember that you can do it. If you have made a study schedule, make sure that you keep following it. You will get discouraged… don’t be. My daughter is studying for her NCLEX – one things she is doing and I’m trying to get her to stop is comparing herself to how others do on their tests.
Don’t do that. We’ll talk to you next week.

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