Central Venous Access Devices

We’re continuing our topics today for Pharmacological & Parenteral Therapies and today we’re covering Central Venous access Devices.

Chapter 12 in Saunders (page 134) Parenteral nutrition
Chapter 13 in Saunders (page 144) IV therapy

A good overview can be found here.


A great resource that covers most of the things you need to know – which are listed below.


Things to make sure you know how to / review.

  1. Educate the client on the reason for and care of a venous access device

2.Why do they need it. For each client the answer will probably be different. One of the most frequent is they need a line for medications, fluids or blood to name a few. Access venous access devices, including tunneled, implanted and central line.

3.Provide care for client with a central venous access device (e.g., port-a-cath, Hickman)

Next time we’ll talk about dosage calculations.

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