Basic Care and Comfort 1 – Nutrition and

Basic Care and Comfort 1 – Nutrition and Oral Hydration

This is a huge topic – so I have decided to split it up a bit.
This post will be about Nutrition, the next will be about hydration (fluid volume excess / deficit)

A good overview of the topic can be found here.

Nutrition —

Everyone we’ve tutored and I’ve spoken to (hundreds) have had at least one question related to nutrition.

Saunders has a chapter that is dedicated to nutrition
Nutrition is chapter 11 – page 124
Parenteral nutrition is chapter 12 – page 144

Here is a good overview of diets –

A good quiz on parenteral nutrition –

Some good diet notes on scribd –

My recommendation when studying is to learn food groups / what foods are contained in the groups.
Then focus on learning the diets for specific diseases.

A great video on vitamins and minerals –

We have a whole section in our boot camp that talks about nutrition.

Details can be found here –

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